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#capillary is a recording of a sonified environment prepared for the participatory data visualisation #capillary by artist Brad Miller, producer and sound artist Ian McArthur (aiffhead) and programmer Adam Hinshaw exhibited in Sydney June 7 - July 20 2013.

#capillary is a responsive space featuring crowdsourced visual data (images) and a sonified audio field created from sixteen unique compositions created while travelling on public transport around Sydney. The compositions are constructed from fragments of digital noise, field recordings and audio compositions and additionally processed by a sound patch (granular synthesis) that segments and reassembles them into new configurations, and responsive juxtapositions. 

More aiffhead compositions can be streamed from soundcloud.com/aiffhead


released July 10, 2013

Concept, coding, synths, field recordings, production: aiffhead (Ian McArthur)
Photography: Ian McArthur

The PureData patch originally created by Derek Holzer macumbista.net was subsequently further developed by artist Ian Andrews.




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Working since the early 1980’s utilising a resolutely lo-fi approach to all things ‘musiq’, McArthur's recent sonic palette utilises granular and generative synthesis, mobile technologies, open source platforms and protocols including PureData (PD) and OpenSoundControl (OSC) drawing on punk's DIY aesthetic and a healthy appreciation of noize. ... more

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